How Much Does Window Tint Cost?

How Much Does Window Tint Cost?

Once you have decided that you want to get your windows tinted it is time to shop around for the best deal. Many shops offer this service nowadays and the prices can vary. A good rule of thumb is to only go where you trust the people doing the job. Many times the cheapest place does not do a good job.

For a 2 door car, most people get the side windows and back window done. This will normally run around $150 or so depending on the area. If you have many defroster lines in the back it could be more. Overall this is a good investment for your car and the price is reasonable.

For a 4 door car, most people get all 4 door windows tinted as well as the back window. The extra doors add about $100 or so to the cost bringing the total to $250. This is still a good deal and can really make your car look better.

Another option is to add a strip of tint at the top of the windshield. This can really help with glare and other things that will bother sensitive eyes. You can see the traffic lights better when you are looking directly into the sun. This can be a safety improvement too since you are not squinting trying to see if the light is red or green.

Overall, the cost is not really that much considering the benefits window tinting provides. If you are short on cash many places take credit cards now.