Discount Window Treatments – How to Find Wholesale Window Blinds

Discount Window Treatments – How to Find Wholesale Window Blinds

If you intend to decorate your newly built home or intend to redecorate your existing home, it would be indeed beneficial to order wholesale window blinds and enjoy huge discounts for buying by bulk. These are the true blue discount window treatments which allow you extensive cost savings as well as convenience.

In case you are unaware of where and how to find these discount window treatments, you could find them at warehouse sales, physical stores as well as online draperies shops.

Warehouse sales are advertised ever so often on print ads and sometimes on television. The problem with warehouse sales is that there are always big crowds and often difficult to find your desired goods intact. So if you love going to warehouse sales for your blinds and shades, you need to be very careful and meticulous in inspecting your goods before your pay as the product conditions may differ from your expectations.

Online shopping is another alternative for wholesale window blinds and often, online pricing are handsomely discounted due to the fact that they run on demand shipping and do not maintain huge stockpiles, thereby reducing there operational costs. The cost savings are then passed on to customers like you and me.

But one key drawback of online shopping is that it is literally devoid of the opportunity to feel the materials and fabrics before you click on the purchase button. One tip you could really use is this, you can physically shop at your friendly neighborhood draperies stores and find out what you want, then order online from a reputable retailer or even directly from the manufacturers. This would give you best of both worlds, allowing you to have a feel of the product of your choice, as well as huge bulk discounts by ordering your wholesale window blinds at reputed online shops.…

Great Fences Make Homes Everywhere Look Wonderful

Great Fences Make Homes Everywhere Look Wonderful

Many of us live in rather open plan properties where the surrounding garden has no kind of barrier to it. Although this may be what some people like, most of us like the idea of having demarcation points if only to show others where the property ends. Of course, this does not have to be some huge monstrosity since some picket style barriers are just a foot or two off the ground, but for those who want to keep out intruders, these can go as high as eight feet tall. Try looking for ‘vinyl fencing’ or ‘vinyl fence’ online to see the full array of barriers available.

Some will obviously opt for the more natural looking wooden variety but these have their own set of problems of course. There is much more maintenance involved with keeping them looking good and this must include some treatments for bugs and termites too. After this, the varnish that is used must be the outdoor variety and it will certainly need several coats to keep it looking good when the rain sets in.

This kind of work will have to be done probably on a yearly basis so this must be kept in mind when choosing what will look good. Although the plastic variety is more expensive, in the long run this will even out because no paint or varnish will be needed for sure.

Indeed, the plastic variety is usually made to look like wood too so this could be the best of both worlds. That is the look and feel of wood but with the maintenance-free properties of plastic. All it needs is to be washed down after the worst of the weather is gone to make it look clean and bright all over again.

One other thing that people should consider is the need to keep the place looking uniform. If the window frames and door frames are PVC, as is often the case in modern homes these days, then the barriers should be put up to match them. This cohesive look to the property will add to the value of the place eventually since it is first impressions that count always.

It is obvious then that whatever is surrounding a property is very important for sure. Something that looks odd or out-of-place will detract from the look and therefore the value, so some time should be taken to choose whatever is in fashion at the time.

Also, local by-laws may dictate that these barriers cannot be of a certain material or over a certain height too. To avoid some very expensive mistakes, check with local building companies who should be able to say if something is acceptable or not. After all, who would know better what is allowed and what is not than those who are selling the goods to begin with.

Finally, check out all the guarantees that companies give to and look online to see the kind of service they provide. …

Is a Fence a Fence?

Is a Fence a Fence?

If you are contemplating the purchase of a fence you might ask: What kind of fence should I buy? Before you can answer that I suppose there are a few other questions to ask first. For example one might ask, what is the purpose of this fence, why do I want to install it? There are many reasons for a fence: security, privacy, safety, aesthetic value, keep your dog in or the neighbor’s dog out, to hide your neighbors junk, or your junk from your neighbors, and the list goes on. Whatever your reasons are for purchasing a fence, here are a few observations to help you distinguish the differences of a few available fence types.

Block Fence

A true block fence 6″ or 8″ is a good choice and solves almost all of the reasons for a fence. Although you better get your pocket book out because a well built block fence is going to cost you big time and if you don’t do it right then don’t bother, it will not last. Block fences have a reputation of being poorly constructed unless you pay the big bucks to have it done right. Not convinced? Go try and shake the top section of a cheap block wall installed by a track home builder, I bet you’ll find a couple of loose blocks there at the top just waiting to pop out.

Wood Fence

If you have a very limited budget, don’t care how your fence looks and don’t mind replacing it down the road, which is a pretty short road, go ahead and purchase the wood fence. However, don’t forget about the detours in your journey of sanding, painting and staining with the choice of a wood fence.

Iron Fence

Iron fence solves many of the above reasons for a fence except of course the privacy issue. You should also plan on repainting and replacing it down that same road as the wood fence, sooner if you are in a high moister area or it is subject to lawn sprinklers. Why you ask? A little thing called rust and corrosion, no matter how much its powder coated or whatever else, your iron fence will eventually rust.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is not worth discussing, if you are considering chain link you are probably in charge of a lot of people wearing uniforms with strips, or you probably can’t read this at all. Although there may be some of you out there who just don’t care about what it looks like and in that case chain link would be a good choice.

Vinyl Fence

A vinyl fence is a good choice for any of the above reasons for a fence. You have your privacy fence, view fence, pool fence, 3 rail, and picket fence. You can solve all your issues without the maintenance issues with the other types of fences. You also have the advantage of building pergolas and arbors and gazebos all …

Choose Wood Privacy Fence – Why?

Choose Wood Privacy Fence – Why?

Wood privacy fence is a major contributor to the “curb appeal” factor of a home, esp. in an urban community. They are the traditional compliment to any home. A well-chosen and appropriately designed, fence gives homeowners the pleasure of enjoying their private space without necessarily giving the impression of being an unfriendly neighbor. The color shape and ultimate design, frames the first impression of the passers-by eyes. Wood privacy fence popularity is mainly due to its gorgeous, classic look. After new fence home owners see their fence installed, they automatically know they made the right choice.

The wood fence has become an icon within American culture. Don’t think that your fence has to be cookie-cut, as there are many styles of wood fencing available.

A wood fence has many more benefits than just its beautiful appearance. New processes help decrease the commonly known problems in wood, such as rotting, decay, and insect damage. Wood fences are the least expensive on the market. Many experts consider them to be the most cost-effective fencing material. The initial cost of a wood fence is significantly less the other fence types. It is also easy and cheap to repair. Plus, there’s an abundance of choice concerning wood privacy fence options. To provide a unique sense of selection styles, there have been several innovations as far as form, stain, and finish options that alter the appearance of the fence woods.

That’s all for now. Throughout the next few articles, we’ll review some specifics of the topics mentioned above. Bye the time you are ready to get your wood privacy fence there will be nothing left to do but kick back with a glass of lemonade and watch the wood fly! Thanks for stopping in! Come back soon ya hear!…

How to Build a Maintenance Free Wood Privacy Fence

How to Build a Maintenance Free Wood Privacy Fence

The title of this article may seem like an oxymoron to some people. It is often assumed that a wood fence requires constant upkeep. But that does not need to be the case. The key to building a wood fence that never needs maintenance is the color gray. Cedar will turn a beautiful shade of gray as it weathers. People often stain a cedar fence to keep it from turning gray. And yet this same gray color is desirable in two other so-called maintenance free products: composite decking and vinyl fencing.

Composite decking has become the material of choice for many homeowners. One of the most popular composite deck colors is gray. Composite deck manufacturers sell decking with names like Cape Cod Gray, Weathered Wood, Natural Cedar and others. These colors are meant to mimic the beautiful cedar fences so common in the northeastern United States. Vinyl fencing is very popular as it is assumed to be maintenance free. Vinyl fences are most often white or tan. Gray vinyl fencing costs more and is also more difficult to obtain. Gray vinyl fencing goes by the names Weathered Cedar, Cedar Tone and others. Once again, these products are designed to look like cedar that has been exposed to the elements. Two popular products that are intended to be maintenance free are in fact designed to look like weathered cedar. This leads to an interesting question. When building a privacy fence why not just use real cedar and get the same effect for less money?

A properly built privacy fence requires high quality materials. The cedar pickets need be at least 3/4″ thick. The thin pickets found at the box stores should not be used as they will warp over time. The best stringers are rough-cut cedar 2 x 4 x 8’s. Never use treated wood as it will twist and warp as it dries. The only part of a wood privacy fence that should not be cedar are the posts. A wood fence will last only as long as the posts do. Cedar posts look nice initially and will also turn gray. But wood posts eventually rot because they are in constant contact with the ground. Steel posts will never rot. Always use a steel post that can be covered to look like wood.

Cedar is a naturally rot resistant material that never requires any maintenance. The only time that a cedar fence needs to be stained or painted is when trying to keep the wood from weathering naturally. An unstained cedar fence will last just as long as a stained one does. Building a maintenance free wood privacy fence is really very simple. Use high quality cedar materials and then just leave it alone. By using covered steel posts you can have a beautiful, and maintenance free, wood privacy fence that will last a lifetime.…

Cheap Window Blinds – Where to Find Affordable Bamboo Window Shades

Cheap Window Blinds – Where to Find Affordable Bamboo Window Shades

Bamboo Window shades are fast rising in popularity due to their affordability, versatility as well as ability to re decorate the home with their varied types of designs, colors and texture. They come in roman style, roller types with interwoven bamboo materials, giving your space a brand new warmth and tropical look and feel never before experienced. You can use these quality yet cheap window blinds either indoors or outdoors, at patios and decks with a natural look.

These bamboo window shades can be easily found on the internet, at your local retailers, stock clearance sales, flea markets. And if you are looking of used ones, you can also find them at yard sales. However, there are certain guidelines which you need to know in order to make the best purchase.

A lot of us nowadays tend to log on to the internet to search for things we need before we physically visit the shops to buy them, or better still, buy them online. You can do the same with bamboo window shades as well. Online auction sites are your easiest and most convenient product and pricing guide. But before you visit them, check out most popular and reputed manufacturer sites to research for your blinds for windows.

Local retailers are the most convenient places to search for bamboo window shades. Some even advertise on weekends for stock clearance and weekend sales. While you may get great bargains at the sales, be extra careful to check out the quality and warranties that come with them.

Flea markets are the best places to get your bargain bamboo window shades but they are also not the most organized places to find them. Hence, you will need to have some idea before you proceed with your shopping at the flea markets. Yards sales are similar to flea markets and you will need to know your decor needs before you decide to buy.

In fact, in order to expedite the shopping for your bamboo window shades, make a list of your decor needs and arm your shopping sprees which with it. And know that you will need a lot of perseverance to get your hands on great bargains for quality yet cheap window blinds.…

A Few Facts About Wood Fence Panels

A Few Facts About Wood Fence Panels

In choosing fence materials, wood fence panels are more favored by people for three reasons: it looks more natural than plastic or metal fences, it is easily repaired, and it can protect against the elements for a cheaper price.

Wood panels are made from among several types of wood, with each having many styles. The panels may either be untreated or chemically treated to resist weathering and insects. But even when treated, wood fence panels are not as durable as aluminum or vinyl.

Cedar, spruce, pine and cypress are common materials used to make wood fence panels. Once they are made, they are usually cut in 8-foot long sections. However, they can easily be made shorter if needed. The panels can be pre-styled in several ways – dog-eared, Gothic top, lattice, split-rail, among others.

Wood fences are usually pre-made, but may also be assembled on site. The panels may be joined in one of three ways – privacy, picket or post and rail. Privacy fences are about 6 feet tall or higher, and the panels are arranged adjacent to each other. Picket fences are shorter, about 4 feet tall, with the panels spaced apart. Post and rail fences are also short, and have 2-4 horizontal beams (the rails), with the posts at regular intervals.

Wood panels may be treated to make them last longer. Using a combination of pressure and preservatives, wood can be treated to better resist termites and fungi. Among the wood varieties, spruce and pine readily accepts treatment, while cedar does not normally need any treatment.

Wood fence panels are more suitable for suburban or countryside areas. In choosing a wood panel, one needs to consider the cost of wood and the overall design. Cedar is more expensive but also more durable, while pine is among the cheapest. A post-and-rail fence requires the least wood and is one of the cheapest designs, while privacy fences are the most expensive.…