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Make Your Garden Even Greener With These Tips

Organic gardening can either be a nice, calming hobby, or a considerable annoyance. Here are some suggestions to get you on the right path to successful organic gardening.

It is important that you give your plants the chance to gradually adjust to the change in temperature and conditions, or you risk shocking them. On the first day, place them in the sun outside for only an hour or so. Gradually increase the the time they spend outside over a one week period. By the week’s end, your plants should then be ready for the big move!

Starting a garden which is pest-free is easy, if you have healthy soil. Healthy plants can better ward off pests and diseases. For the most vigorous and healthy plants, start with high-quality soil, and stay away from chemicals. These can accumulate salts over time.

Plants that climb can hide fences and walls. Known commonly as climbers, these plants are very versatile, easy to grow, and they will quickly spread out to cover up walls and fences within a single season. They can grow through shrubs and trees, or even cover an arbor. Some must be tied to supports, but some climbers use twining stems or tendrils and attach themselves to those surfaces. Some climbers that have proven to be reliable are honeysuckle, jasmine, wisteria, clematis, and climbing roses.

Remove your garden’s weeds! Weeds will cause your garden to become overgrown and cluttered. To do this, think about using white vinegar. White vinegar is natural, very inexpensive, and can really kill the weeds! If you’re annoyed with pulling up weeds manually, douse them with a white vinegar solution.

Pest control is tough when you have a veggie garden. You can’t use chemicals as they’re the last thing you want to be eating when you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Persistence and care is a much better solution for pest control, but many avoid it because it actually requires some work on their behalf. Taking the pests off of the plants by hand is one of the best fixes if you are able to catch the infestation in its early stages.

Choose a plant to use for a focal point. A solid focal point will draw peoples attention to your garden, leaving them to admire your unique design. It is usually a type of plant that stands out from the plants surrounding it.

Involve the whole family in your gardening hobby; children find growing things to be very interesting. Gardens are a wonderful place for kids to learn, and working side by side with them can strengthen the bond that you have.

A mixture of aspirin and water can protect your plants from common diseases. Crush and dissolve one and one-half 325mg tablets in two full gallons of plain water. You can just spray this on them to fight disease. Apply at three week intervals.

Organic gardening, while requiring a good effort for great results, is a great way to live a greener life. While it takes quite a bit of effort and lots of patience, your pay off in the end will be a fantastic organic garden. Utilizing the advice provided in this article will definitely help you improve your organic gardening techniques.…

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Make Your First Organic Garden A Success

You are ready to grow a healthy organic garden. This is great timing! The tips below can help you begin your organic garden.

Perennial gardens should be prepared easily and quickly in the ground. Simple slice into the soil with a spade, flip the turf, and mulch the area with 3 to 4 inches of wood chips. Let the area sit for a couple weeks, then begin digging into it and planting your new perennials.

As the seeds sprout, they’ll need less warmth. You can begin to move them further from the heat source as they become seedlings. You must also take away plastic films from your containers in order to keep the warmth and humidity out. Check on your seeds often so you catch them when they are ready.

You need to make sure you are very efficient when working in your organic garden. Don’t waste thirty minutes looking around for a tool. Get all of your tools together before you go into your garden, then place them in a safe spot when you are finished with them. A good way to keep your tools at hand is to buy a tool belt or utility pants with many large pockets.

You can stop mud from being tracked into your house by covering your dirty gardening shoes with plastic bags. This helps the flow keep going so that you can get into the garden quickly to finish what you’re doing.

Keep your compost pile balanced with a combination of dried and green plant mulch. Examples of good green material to use for compost include grass clippings, flowers, leaves, and weeds. Examples of dried plant material are sawdust, shredded paper, straw, cut-up woody material, and cardboard. Avoid ashes, meat, charcoal and diseased plants in your compost.

Want to kill weeds naturally? Pile newspapers on top of each other to kill weeds. It is a fact that weeds cannot thrive without light from the sun. With layers of newspaper on them, the weeds are not going to have light, and therefore will not grow. It’s easy for newspapers to break down over an extended period of time, making them great for compost. Covering the newspaper with mulch will help your garden to be more pleasing to the eye.

A rule of thumb for when you are planting seeds in containers is to make the hole depth around three times larger than the seed itself. But, is important to realize the some seeds ought not be covered, as they need complete exposure to sun. Two common examples of this type of seed are ageratum and petunias. If you don’t know whether your seeds require sun exposure, check the seed package or search online for the information.

With these tips still fresh in your mind, you should be feeling more confident about your knowledge of organic gardening methods. You may have thought you were prepared before, but now you will be a veritable expert! The tips that were given should have provided you some advice that can help you get started with growing a beautiful organic garden.…

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How to Make Your Wood Fence Last

How to Make Your Wood Fence Last

When properly cared for, a quality wood fence can last for decades, but without adequate maintenance it can quickly deteriorate, especially in the Pacific Northwest’s wet weather conditions. If you want a wood fence that can accompany you through the years while retaining its vitality and youthful appearance, take these key steps to get the most life out of your fence.

1. Use quality materials. Ensuring your fence’s long life span begins with the fencing materials you use to build it. Although cedar is the most popular Northwest material for wood fence panels, a cedar fence actually has two other important parts that require different types of wood. These include the posts and the supporting rails.

Posts: Structurally, the posts are the most important part of your fence. They hold the fence upright and anchor it in place on the ground. Because they’re in contact with the ground, wood fence posts require extra protection against moisture and rotting, which is why all fence posts should be constructed from pressure treated wood.

Rails: Rails are another structurally important element, as they hold the fence boards in place. Because they do not come in contact with the ground, they don’t need to be made from pressure treated wood; in fact, pressure treated wood rails tend to twist and cause problems. Cedar, on the other hand, is too soft to use for rails. Choose a harder wood, such as Hem-Fir.

2. Apply stain properly. Upon building your wood fence, let the wood set for at least a few days in warm, sunny weather to allow any moisture to evaporate before staining. This will help ensure the stain penetrates properly. If you built your fence in the winter, it’s acceptable to wait until spring to apply the first coat of stain.

After your fence is dry all the way through, then you can begin the process of staining. When applying the stain, you can use either a regular brush or a power sprayer. The power sprayer is useful for large-scale jobs, while the brush is handy for hammering out the fine details. The power sprayer should be fit with a tip that is compatible with stain, as stain is thinner than paint and doesn’t require the same amount of pressure.

3. Perform regular fence inspections. In order to extend the life of your wood fence as much as possible, it’s important to be proactive about addressing any problems or repairs. A good guideline is to check on your fence every time the seasons change, as well as after any major storms or long rains. Things to look for include:

— Broken boards, cracks, splinters, rotting wood and popped nails. Repair these as soon as possible to prevent them from growing into larger problems.

— Rotting posts. Grab the top of each post and try pushing it in all directions. A sturdy post shouldn’t budge.

— Knotholes, particularly at the end of winter. Fill these in promptly, as they can invite pests to move in.

— Pest infestations, especially termites. If action is not taken quickly, these can spread to your home.

— Leaves and other organic matter built up on rails or wedged between boards. Keep your fence free of such debris, which can accelerate rot.

— Dirt, mold or mildew. Remove these by hosing, pressure washing or scrubbing your fence.

— Tree branches hanging over your fence. Frozen branches can break off and damage your fence in the winter. Fall is a good time to trim back any encroaching branches.

— Grass or other plant matter around the bottom of your fence and on the concrete post supports. Keep grass trimmed back and keep the concrete supports clear of debris to avoid weakening and rot.

4. Reapply stain every few years. The actual time between stain applications can vary depending on the wood, the environmental conditions and the quality of the initial stain job. Re-stain your fence if you notice the color fade, the wood begin to crack or any other indication that the protection is waning.

If you follow these tips, then you’ll have a better chance of seeing your wood fence live out its full life span in excellent condition.

~Ben Anton, 2010…

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Vertical Blinds Provide an Economical Solution to Noise Issues in Homes

Vertical Blinds Provide an Economical Solution to Noise Issues in Homes

Window treatments of today are so advanced and trendy. It is amazing how the home décor of the 21st century has not only become fun, but easy in transforming an out dated home, or room, into something that will wow your family and friends. The vertical blinds of today are just one of many new and advanced home décor items to add pizzazz and style to any room’s windows. Whether a window is tall or short, vertical blinds are an excellent choice to make when purchasing new window coverings for any room in a homeowners new or old home. These beauties are now available in whatever color or texture will match a homeowner’s home décor.

If a homeowner lives in a windy area or someplace with a lot of dust or dirt, vertical blinds will be an excellent purchase. This is because these window blinds are less likely to break or become damaged in a mighty strong wind. These blinds are also an excellent purchase if the homeowner does not like to clean their window blinds. Owner of these can relax because being vertical means the dirt will not stick to the individual slats and they are less likely to cause a homeowner to have allergies. Cleaning window blinds is never a fun task to homeowner; this is why the best window blinds for any homeowner are vertical blinds.

Along with being a great way to reduce allergens and unsightly dust in a home, these types of window blinds can fit in any homeowner’s budget. Economical versions cannot only make for stylish window coverings for any or all windows, they also provide for a noise free solution. Honestly, there is not a single homeowner who likes outside noises piercing their homes interior. Vertical blinds offer homeowner’s an insulation other window coverings cannot provide. This is because of the fabric that can be attached to the back side of these window blinds. Many inexperienced homeowners might not know this, but everyday smooth surface vertical blinds, unlike fabric blinds, will not hold in heat or cold forever seasonal change. The purchase of fabric covered window blinds not only holds in the heat or cold, they are the best window blinds for insulation purposes.

Insulated vertical blinds serve the purpose of reducing noise and cutting down on unsightly energy costs. It is always wise to research prices of window blinds before making a big, or small, purchase. Those manufactured today come in an economical style to a premium style. There are varying price ranges for the homeowner to pick from and still have vertical blinds hanging in their windows that will wow their family and friends.

Another great thing about them is they can be used to divide any large room. If a homeowner has a large room, like a great room or living room they want to separate, vertical blinds are a great way to do this. Instead of purchasing a very big and heavy room divider, they are lighter to move from one end of the room to the other, and are more attractive.

Finally, if you happen to be an earth friendly homeowner, vertical blinds will be your best purchase. Those window treatments made today can be manufactured with renewable and recyclable materials. If a homeowner wants environmentally sound window blinds, they can ask their decorator about 100% recyclable materials. This means they will not remain in a landfill once a homeowner decides to upgrade their window blinds.

So now, a homeowner cannot only reduce noise with vertical blinds, they can purchase window blinds that will not remain in landfills, forever. Putting them up, as a quality long term window treatment can also help the environment, when they last so wonderfully long.…

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Cheap Window Blinds – How To Choose The Right Faux Wood Window Blinds? Part2

Cheap Window Blinds – How To Choose The Right Faux Wood Window Blinds? Part2

While in part 1 of this series, we discussed the overall features of faux wood window blinds which helps you better in choosing the right ones, we shall now explore further into the functional features.

These blinds can be hung inside or outside the window frame and hence you need to extra careful when measuring the blinds. The easiest approach is to use wooden or hard metal stick as measure and do it two times. Note that there are different treatments for inside and outside mounts. For the inside mounts, take measurements to the nearest one-eight of an inch. As for the outside-mounts, do the same and add an additional one-and-half-inches to both the height as well as the width. This should give sufficient privacy to your space. If you are buying them at physical stores around your neighborhood, the sales staff should be able to advise you.

Manufacturers often include lifetime warranties with their products so check out your faux wood window blinds package to confirm the inclusion as well as the coverage of the warranty. It should cover all materials from the blinds as well as the opening and closing mechanism. The latter is as likely to be faulty as the blinds.

If you look hard enough, you would find that there are manufacturers out there that carry an entire range of faux wood window blinds, from the very basic, the mid-range to the premium lines. And you are also rewarded with a wide range of textures, colors and designs. Remember that we are now living entirely different lifestyles in these times, and sprucing up our space with colors and funky designs are the most common home decorating activities nowadays.

Fake wood is surely not the latest invention, but they have just become more acceptable with improved quality, wide array of colors and designs, easy to maintain and lasts for a long time to come. So if you wish to have wooden shades but not have the expensive budget, it is time to give faux wood window blinds a try.…

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Setting Up Window Blinds on the Outside? Some Special Factors to Consider

Setting Up Window Blinds on the Outside? Some Special Factors to Consider

Do not make the mistake of thinking that window blinds fitted to the outer side of the house are the same when compared to blinds fitted to the inside. There is a lot of difference in the make and the performance expected from blinds fitted to the outside.

For starters, the window blinds fitted on the outside will have to be as strong and sturdy as shutters. This is because the blinds would be exposed to the elements at all times. Heat, rain, moisture, hail, snow – you just do not have the option of bringing the blinds inside.

Of course, you can go in for a recess in the panel at the top of the window where you can fold blinds and store it. However, if you intend to use the blinds, you have no option but to make sure it is designed to withstand the elements.

Secondly, you should go for a slightly heavier option because this will prevent the wind from simply blowing the blinds away. Such problems have occurred in the past where the force of the wind cost the cords to break. Once this happened, the exterior view of the house will get spoiled.

You cannot afford to have a house that looks dirty on the outside. The only option available is to replace or repair the blind as quickly as possible. If you do not want to spend a lot of money incurring such expenditures, you should make use of heavier blinds.

Using bamboo blinds on the outside may be good for insulation but you must consider the wear and tear caused by the elements. It is advisable to apply polish to the bamboo to ensure that the overall look and the feel of the material do not change but it becomes stronger and more resistant to pests and other such complications.

If you are going in for metal blinds, make sure you avoid making your house look like a house that is a part of a sci fi movie. This is often a complication because metal blinds may look very shiny the beginning but quickly become dull and a shabby as time goes on.

On the other hand, would is easier to maintain and will retain its good looks for longer duration. Ignoring the aesthetic aspect can be disastrous for the overall appearance of your house and will result in all your efforts going waste.…

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Cheap Window Blinds – How To Choose The Right Faux Wood Window Blinds? Part1

Cheap Window Blinds – How To Choose The Right Faux Wood Window Blinds? Part1

Firstly, if you have not heard of faux wood window blinds, you are probably not very interested reading promotion leaflets, and unaware of the many weekend sales advertised in the newspapers. Indeed, they are known as fake wood, but definitely not made of inferior quality. They are quality yet cheap window blinds and made of composite wood materials and some are of plastic and wood synthetic fibers while others are made of vinyl materials. Due to this feature, they are light weight, very durable and hardy in weathering the sun, heat, rain and snow. Those made of heavy wood components also have insulation features built in.

They come in many sizes, the most of which are in different width of the slats, ranging from one, one and half, two as well as two and half inch. The one inch and the two-and-half inch slats are most popular as they are more avant garde blend best to the latest designs.

When choosing your shades, there are certain features you need to take not of. If you are planning on staining them with your favorite color, then you should take that here as faux wood window blinds cannot be stained and you are confined to the type of color you choose. That said, you are almost spoilt for choice as they do come in the most common and well sought-after colors and designs to match your home color theme.

Fake wood can be made of good quality too. And if you can afford it, try out the vinyl and wood composites as they can be very hardy, and due to the wood component is made to look more like wooden slats. For colored versions of vinyl, you can find comfort in the fact that the color stays even with deep scratches, hence not showing the damage so obviously.

While sizes come in standard types, manufacturers do recognize that windows of odd shapes and designs abound and do provide customized services based on your budget, special design demands as well as sizes to ensure that they blend in well with your overall home theme.

Faux wood window blinds can be chic too, so do not get hung over on wooden shades and shutters, busting your budget. You can find quality yet cheap window blinds for redecorating your home easily enough too.…

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Help Lower Heating Costs With Window Insulation Film

Help Lower Heating Costs With Window Insulation Film

During the winter months, businesses can expect to see a rise in energy costs, creating an obstacle for property managers in charge of staying within or under budget. Typically, facility managers invest in envelope products during the winter to reduce excess energy usage and lower heating bills. Most commonly green roofs, solar panels and spray foam are installed to act as a barrier between the interior and exterior of buildings. However, there is one product that is too often overlooked: insulating window film.

Window insulation film offers a lower initial investment than most other solutions and provides a quick payback. Window film installation in commercial buildings can save a considerable amount over time and delivers typical ROI in as little as three years. When developing a winterization plan to keep operational system efficiency at its best, window films should be considered. By locking heat inside, window films help regulate interior temperatures and decrease the amount of time heating systems need to be used.

To further reduce operating costs and increase building efficiency, here are other measures to take in conjunction with the installation of window insulation film:

Fix that Leak

Leaky roofs cause most of the damage endured by buildings during the winter season and decrease insulating capabilities, causing heat loss. From cracks in the walls to loose mortar, the facility manager should perform a comprehensive assessment, assuring no water can enter. As temperatures decrease below freezing, trapped water freezes and expands, causing the small original crack to grow into a more considerable one. To help determine if a leak is problematic, check the roof for any indication of growing grass.

Keep Air Out

Water is only one of the many substances that can enter through the walls, window and doorframes. Air and dirt can also seep through window frames, damaging interiors. Proper sealing of windows involves pinpointing and plugging the area where the glass connects with the frame, as well as around the perimeters, increasing insulating capabilities and reducing energy costs. This is the ultimate goal for keeping operating costs at a minimum.

To fully reap the benefits of building winterization, implementing various preparatory techniques is best. Window films, along with proper maintenance and sealing techniques, can help regulate interior temperature and lower energy costs. For the best results, begin the planning phase at least a year in advance and be ready to implement the energy saving measures two to three months before the temperature drops.…

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Some Useful Tips to Help You Buy Best Window Blinds Online

Some Useful Tips to Help You Buy Best Window Blinds Online

If you are planning to buy window blinds online, you should keep the following factors in mind.

Firstly, the website that is selling the window blinds should provide a clear description of the various features, advantages and the characteristics of the blinds. You should have all the essential information including minor points whether the blind shall be manipulated and turned with the help of cord or a wand.

Secondly, you should be provided with a clear estimate of the cost of the blinds. Most plans have their cost determined on the basis of the size. Hence, you should go in for only those blinds that are suitable for your window size. The online store must clearly help you choose the right size and provide cost details that will help you take the right decision.

Thirdly, the website must provide detailed installation instructions to help you find out whether the blinds can be installed or not. There is a possibility of an overhang near your window which may make it impossible to install the blinds on the outside. You may be forced to install the window blinds on the inside.

Now, this is obviously going to make a huge impact on the appearance of your room and you should choose the right set of blinds accordingly. If you go in for dark colored blinds in an already small room, it is only going to increase the claustrophobic feel of the room.

Fourthly, you should be given specific delivery instructions and should have a clear idea of when the delivery shall be made to your doorstep. This will help you arrange for the labor necessary to carry out the installation.

Of course, if you intent to install the window blind on your own, you may not need to focus on the delivery part. However, knowing when the product will be delivered will be a very convenient option.

Finally, the website should provide information about the various upgrades that you can make. If you go in for many blinds, you have the option of going in for standard vinyl, faux wood, aluminum, metal or wood or bamboo blinds.

Wood or bamboo is obviously going to be more expensive as compared to other artificial substances. Do you have the option of upgrading the blinds at a later date? If yes, how much will it cost? Having the answers to all these questions will help you take the right decision faster.…