Best Window Cleaning Practices For Professionals

Best Window Cleaning Practices For Professionals

If you are planning to hire a professional window cleaner to clean your home windows or probably a small building that you manage or own, you must understand that window cleaning is delicate and often risky task. Especially if a contractor needs to reach and clean those high windows that an expandable hose can’t reach, safety measures and equipment must be present accompanied by the right training.

Although this training and equipment would entail a higher rate for most contractors, would you trust your windows to people who are inadequately trained and lacks the insurance and equipment? In this article, you’ll have bird’s eye view of just what are the basic good practices of a pro cleaner who you will hire to clean you windows.

First you would like to check out is their Health and Safety training. Is their staff properly insured in case there are some damages that might occur in your windows while they are cleaning it? How about their procedures and methods of cleaning windows? Obviously, you are going to hire them because the windows that you want to be cleaned cannot be handled by just anybody unless you know they are properly trained so the cleaning methods is also a vital factor to check before hiring them.

How about their permits, are they up to date? This is very vital since you don’t want to be dealing with a service or company that is operating without the proper legal permits. Do they have a health and safety adviser? This person could be hired regularly if the window cleaning company is a large one of an adviser could be from pertinent agency who deals and handles all these issues when there is a bid for a contract.

Is their staff knowledgeable in first aid techniques and the proper handling of window equipments? These might sound a bit of an over kill, but these are the best practices of pro window cleaners especially in the United Kingdom. And good news for the average customer who doesn’t want to act up like Sherlock Holmes and asking all these questions to a potential cleaner who you are planning to employ.

Just ask for certificates like accreditation from training boards that regulate the window cleaning industry or probably a safe contractor accreditation certificate, all that is needed for you to have peace of mind knowing that the window cleaner you are about to hire is properly trained because it’s well worth your investment.