Cheap Window Blinds – How To Choose The Right Faux Wood Window Blinds? Part1

Cheap Window Blinds – How To Choose The Right Faux Wood Window Blinds? Part1

Firstly, if you have not heard of faux wood window blinds, you are probably not very interested reading promotion leaflets, and unaware of the many weekend sales advertised in the newspapers. Indeed, they are known as fake wood, but definitely not made of inferior quality. They are quality yet cheap window blinds and made of composite wood materials and some are of plastic and wood synthetic fibers while others are made of vinyl materials. Due to this feature, they are light weight, very durable and hardy in weathering the sun, heat, rain and snow. Those made of heavy wood components also have insulation features built in.

They come in many sizes, the most of which are in different width of the slats, ranging from one, one and half, two as well as two and half inch. The one inch and the two-and-half inch slats are most popular as they are more avant garde blend best to the latest designs.

When choosing your shades, there are certain features you need to take not of. If you are planning on staining them with your favorite color, then you should take that here as faux wood window blinds cannot be stained and you are confined to the type of color you choose. That said, you are almost spoilt for choice as they do come in the most common and well sought-after colors and designs to match your home color theme.

Fake wood can be made of good quality too. And if you can afford it, try out the vinyl and wood composites as they can be very hardy, and due to the wood component is made to look more like wooden slats. For colored versions of vinyl, you can find comfort in the fact that the color stays even with deep scratches, hence not showing the damage so obviously.

While sizes come in standard types, manufacturers do recognize that windows of odd shapes and designs abound and do provide customized services based on your budget, special design demands as well as sizes to ensure that they blend in well with your overall home theme.

Faux wood window blinds can be chic too, so do not get hung over on wooden shades and shutters, busting your budget. You can find quality yet cheap window blinds for redecorating your home easily enough too.