Warranty – Film Type and Window Tinting Prices

Warranty – Film Type and Window Tinting Prices

If you are planning on having a professional window tint job done on your vehicle, it may be important to understand a few things on pricing. By taking a few minutes to review the following information, you may have a better chance at locking down a good value on your tint.

As you may have anticipated, some cars are more difficult to tint than others. When receiving a price quote, a window tinting service should ask for the make, model and year of your car. This is so they can understand the exact nature of work being completed.

A reputable tint company knows which cars take additional time to tint properly. For instance, vehicles with steep and curved rear windows may require additional time, and thus money to tint. Also remember, each additional square foot of glass requires more film to tint. Thus, tinting an SUV (or large vehicle for that matter) will almost certainly cost more than a sedan.

Type of Film Being Used

Just like anything you buy, quality does make a difference. And with window tinting, there are wide performance differences in film. Think heat protection and appearance quality. Most people who shop for window tinting will encounter prices ranging from $100-$450.

Cheap film may be an enticing option at the start, but just remember, there is a reason for the price. Many experts will be fast to point out their inability to block enough heat. Others note the fading, color change, or perhaps bubbling that can occur with the cheapest film available. Even for $150, it should be possible to avoid defective film which is covered by a lifetime warranty. Should you require additional heat protection or aesthetic flare, you may be expecting to pay more.

Warranty Guarantee

It is absolutely critical to ask about the film’s performance warranty prior to initiating tinting services from anybody. While 1-year warranties are available, it’s advisable to ensure you receive no less than a lifetime guarantee

And remember, not all warranties are the same! Most of them cover problems limited to cracking, glazing, bubbling, and peeling. Other films carry a “Color Safe Warranty.” This may afford you peace of mind that in event of color change, the film will be replaced free of charge. The most desirable warranties are the transferable variety. This may be a benefit if you plan on selling the car, you may transfer the warranty to the buyer.

By taking time to read over some of this information, the true purpose should be educating yourself as a consumer. Just like anything you may shop for, understanding the variations of tint quality can go a far way in your efforts to find attractive window tinting prices.