Window Shades and Blinds – The Quiet Chic of Woven Wood Blinds

Window Shades and Blinds – The Quiet Chic of Woven Wood Blinds

Woven wood blinds may come across as dated or a thing of the past to some homeowners, But if you have been to your local drapery store lately, you would have known that this type of window shades and blinds are the new classic chic. By modern design standards, they are by no means a passe design.

The fact is that wood has made a true comeback with the help of its lesser counterparts, namely jute, bamboo, reeds, and even grass. In fact, any wood or wood color textured materials will give any place a homely ambiance. As people get tired with the look and feel of old wood, they tend to seek alternative materials which could stimulate the creativity of the senses. The use of new and innovative materials like bamboo, jute and reed give and entirely different and creative look and feel to your space, bring it to a whole new level of tastefulness without the fuss. Early adopters of new designs with avant garde home themes are more able to appreciate the novelty of this. Of course, traditional old wood is still timeless and will always appeal to most sophisticated.

These modern materials are not new, but the treatment, designs and styles are different, with new types of fabrics that give new textures to your shades. Wood blinds can even come in woven form, pleated, or cascading roman shades. Alternatively, if you have limited budget, you may choose faux wood materials which are long lasting and do not warp easily. You choice of designs should blend well with your desired theme.

And to further enhance its novelty, you could opt to operate them with remote control or enhance them with energy conservation mechanism, or by lining them with materials that helps to block ultra violet rays that are harmful to the body. Energy conservation mechanisms will help to reduce your utility bills with their effective use of sun control and light filtration effects.

The tropical look and feel of the woven wood blinds can literally transform your home into a warm and cosy personal space. They belong to the group of window shades and blinds whereby people will love for their trendiness and warmth.