Best Window Treatments For French Doors

Best Window Treatments For French Doors

No matter what window treatment you decide on for your French doors, always bear in mind the need to allow for easy access through the doorway. There are a number of window treatments that work well with French doors, and this article discusses some of these.

One solution to prevent obstructing the doorway is to place the curtains well above the frame and to have the curtain rod clear of the frame on each side so that the curtains won’t get caught in the door. Alternatively you could have curtains or blinds installed on the actual door, so there’s no concern about fabric being caught in between the doors.

If you going to use curtains, you’ll want them to be floor length, or you could have them a little longer and have them puddle at the base. You could have them hanging down loosely or have them with tie-backs to each side. The curtains could be finished off with a valance; either scalloped across the top of the curtains or sitting straight a few inches down the curtain for a more formal look.

A pair of Roman magic blinds attached to each door also looks very effective. You could have these on the doors by themselves or you could accentuate them with some side curtains. If you went for this look, the blinds could be in a plain color and the side curtains in a contrasting or complimentary color or pattern.

You could also get some mini blinds that could be fitted on each door, and have those either on their own or complimented with curtains. Another window treatment for French doors is to have one large curtain that covers ¾ of the doors, and then having it tie back so it leaves one of the doors free for easy access.