Cheap Window Blinds Can Effectively Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

Cheap Window Blinds Can Effectively Protect Furniture From Sun Damage

Most of us living in environments with four seasons love the sun for tanning ourselves but surprisingly dread it for destroying our furniture indoors or at the decks. And if you are like most of us, you would really understand the frustrations that come with each summer, trying to hide all your priced furniture away from the path of the sun, being worried that the heat could damage the materials. Well, there is no need to panic as there is one simple and yet affordable approach for you manage this, that is, by using cheap window blinds to effectively protect your furniture from sun damage.

There are many discount window treatments that are available for your purpose. There is no need to make your own shades which could look extremely amateur in most cases. First, your key objective is to block out the sun and heat and it is best to look out for bamboo window shades, aluminum ones, and any other jute or rattan base materials. Most discount stores will have them stocked up to the tilt as they are the few very popular types, and the fastest moving lines especially in summer.

Instead of wrapping your original blinds with tin foil and making your home look shabby, simply change to aluminum ones in summer. They help to deflect most of the light as well as refract heat and sun. They are also one of the cheapest types available in the market so will not burn a hole in your pocket. Aluminum material lasts for a long time and you can keep them after summer and reuse them for the next few years if you clean them well. They are also easy maintenance requiring only a simple wipe on the slats with a damp piece of cloth. They are light weight and easy for storage.

Alternatively, bamboo, jute, rattan are fast getting popular as affordable, lightweight materials that not only serve the purpose of sun and heat control well, they also let air through due to their very unique woven designs. Hence, one added advantage for bamboo window blinds is that they can also be used outdoors, fitted at the end of the patio to ward off the sun. And their long lasting tenacity means that you can reuse them for the many summers to come. At the same time, its tropical look also blends well with the summer ambience. In fact, you can easily create a cozy tropical sanctuary out of your patio or deck with them and enjoy the uniquely tropical solitude.

So for this coming summer and many others more, your furniture will be safe from the sun and heat. Cheap window blinds can indeed effectively protect your furniture from sun damage.