Cheap Window Blinds Can Look Chic With Valances Too

Cheap Window Blinds Can Look Chic With Valances Too

When you decorate your home with cheap window blinds, they need not be of inferior quality and mundane in designs. In fact, there is a lot of fun and can be uniquely you when it comes with individuality. These window treatments are affordable, easy for do it yourself home decorating, and cost less than ready-made ones.

One good example of how to prep up your discount window treatments is the valance, which can be adopted to match your entire ambiance. Valances matching curtains, upholstery and furniture are not uncommon and if you put in some effort, it is not difficult to create a very cozy space that speaks of your very own individuality.

Indeed, you do not need to be a professional designer to be able to create your own unique space. You can also change the look and feel of your home with simple items like ribbons, buttons, decorative accessories and ornaments etc. And if sewing on buttons is too laborious for you, you can always use the very handy Velcro stickers.

Valances serve to dress up your windows and are often used in place of curtains, the latter of which seems to have been falling out of favor and fashion in the recent years. Curtains are less manageable than simple valances, require frequent heavy-duty washing, and hence cost more in terms of maintenance. Valances on the other hand, are often used with all types of shades, like mini blinds, vertical blinds and more.

They are popular due to their affordability, simplicity, and easy manageability and are fast becoming an affordable option to expensive curtains or any other window treatments. Valances ride on the coattails of the popularity of window blinds and shades. You would be surprised how different your window treatments would look with simple valances attached to it.

Decorating blinds with valances and other accessories like hold backs for window coverings is an easy task. Simply try to center the valance and arrange the material over the hold backs. And while valances are easy to make, wash and replace, they are capable of making your once plain home look expensive and classically chic. In fact, if you are looking at transforming the look and feel of your dated looking cheap window blinds, all you have to do is to add valances, ribbons and other accessories and you almost immediately achieve a whole new ambiance in the home.