Cheap Window Blinds – Discount Window Treatments For Versatility, Easy Installation and Maintenance

Cheap Window Blinds – Discount Window Treatments For Versatility, Easy Installation and Maintenance

Draperies, Curtains, Coverings, have all seen the evolution of time and seasons. Our incessant creativity on interior window designs led us from flamboyance, minimalist to functional. It is no wonder that discount window treatments have overtaken the limelight. They are indeed cheap window blinds, but made with quality materials.

Some key types of discount window treatments, namely faux wood, woven wood, verticals etc.

By faux wood window blinds, it means fake wood. The materials used to make them are mainly a mixture of synthetic fibres materials, compressed foam, compressed wood composite made of both wood and alternative materials. To ensure durability, most are made with a blend of vinyl and wood. These blinds are more affordable than their real wood counterparts, do not scratch easily, and are capable of withstanding humidity and moist. The best part of it is that they come in a great variety of colours and designs to suit most homes.

Woven wood blinds are made in a few types of materials, reed, jute, bamboo etc. They originate in the rural areas whereby blinds are woven together in customised sizes for odd size windows. In recent times, these blinds have become an almost permanent design component for minimalist decors, by their sheer light and natural look and feel. The once cheap looking woven materials are also given a makeover with lighter, pastel or vibrant colours to attract younger buyers with their new chic and style.

If you are getting sick of the same old boring look of horizontal window blinds, check out the verticals. Despite the fact that they are not as suitable in the bathrooms, they do fit better in the living or dining halls. Some might not like the office looking sensation it gives, especially with they are made form vinyl or plastic fibre. For a softer looking contemporary look and feel that blends better with a home environment, check out fabric vertical blinds.