Cheap Window Blinds – How To Choose The Right Faux Wood Window Blinds? Part2

Cheap Window Blinds – How To Choose The Right Faux Wood Window Blinds? Part2

While in part 1 of this series, we discussed the overall features of faux wood window blinds which helps you better in choosing the right ones, we shall now explore further into the functional features.

These blinds can be hung inside or outside the window frame and hence you need to extra careful when measuring the blinds. The easiest approach is to use wooden or hard metal stick as measure and do it two times. Note that there are different treatments for inside and outside mounts. For the inside mounts, take measurements to the nearest one-eight of an inch. As for the outside-mounts, do the same and add an additional one-and-half-inches to both the height as well as the width. This should give sufficient privacy to your space. If you are buying them at physical stores around your neighborhood, the sales staff should be able to advise you.

Manufacturers often include lifetime warranties with their products so check out your faux wood window blinds package to confirm the inclusion as well as the coverage of the warranty. It should cover all materials from the blinds as well as the opening and closing mechanism. The latter is as likely to be faulty as the blinds.

If you look hard enough, you would find that there are manufacturers out there that carry an entire range of faux wood window blinds, from the very basic, the mid-range to the premium lines. And you are also rewarded with a wide range of textures, colors and designs. Remember that we are now living entirely different lifestyles in these times, and sprucing up our space with colors and funky designs are the most common home decorating activities nowadays.

Fake wood is surely not the latest invention, but they have just become more acceptable with improved quality, wide array of colors and designs, easy to maintain and lasts for a long time to come. So if you wish to have wooden shades but not have the expensive budget, it is time to give faux wood window blinds a try.