Choosing a Wood for Fences

Choosing a Wood for Fences

Fences are great for protecting your privacy and adding security to your property. A popular building material for fences is wood. Though settling on wood is a big first step in building a new fence, individuals are left with deciding on what kind of wood they want to use.

There are many wood options available. Commonly, individuals use pine, spruce, or fir to build their fences. However, these woods all need to be dried and chemically treated before you can use them for your project. As such, they come with a large carbon footprint

For individuals concerned about environmental friendliness, many fencing experts recommend using Western Red Cedar for fencing projects. Unlike other woods, cedar does not need to be dried or treated; as soon as it is milled, it is ready to be used as a building material.

In addition to its small carbon footprint and environmental friendliness, western red cedar is an aesthetically pleasing wood that has a natural resistance to termites and other pests. Additionally, it is a very sturdy and durable wood, so your fence will continue to look great for years.

Additionally, wood in general is a highly adaptable material, so it can be cut and shaped in a number of ways. As such, using western red cedar for your fence means that you can adapt it for whatever works best for your property.

If you are interested in having a western red cedar fence installed on your property, you should speak with a fencing company that specializes in the material. If you are a do it yourself-er, you can also pick up this wood at a wood mill or fencing supply company.