How to Choose a Security Door

How to Choose a Security Door

Finding the right door is not easy, especially when it has to adhere to the exterior and interior design of your home, as well as security measures. You will find many options ranging from wood, fibreglass and metal. Here is a checklist while you are choosing a security door:

o What is the best option for security doors? We would say metal. Even though wood may look appealing, stainless steel and aluminium doors provide extra protection, do not corrode easily and are difficult to break down. Stainless steel doors can be laminated with wood and other decorative patterns.

o A good frame is essential for a good fit. The fit should be snug with no gaps and unnecessary spaces. This way the door cannot be forced open. Inspect the frame well; a weak frame can be detrimental.

o Choosing and installing your locks is just as important the door itself. Always choose locks that are of good quality. You have the option of single and double cylinder locks. Single cylinder locks uses a key and knob, while double cylinders uses a key from both sides. Use multiple locks and install a peep hole or a visual aid. During installation of the locks, make sure you have the master key as well as the duplicate one. Take extra care that no key remains with the locksmith. You can never be too careful.

o Be aware of the fire regulations and home security rules enforced by the local council. You could be penalised for not following the rules and instructions.

o If you need a pet door installed, choose a secure door with multiple security lock settings. The different settings can be one way where the pet can only go out and you have to let him back in or vice versa. It can also open both ways or be locked both ways. There are smart doors now that actually recognise your pet and open it only for them through infrared technology.

o Make sure the basic framework of your door allows you to install a shutter if necessary. Shutters enhance the look and safety of your home. With a shutter you can control the amount of sunlight seeping in. You also have the option of trellis doors for the main entrance.