How to Clean Sliding Windows

How to Clean Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are windows especially designed for those people who want an unobstructive view of the outside while at the same time still having the protection and functionality of a window. These windows are easy to use, you just have to slide them from one another to open or close them. Window cleaning has been already a difficult task what more if you are cleaning a sliding window?

This type of window is just normal for some cleaners, but what if you can’t hire someone to do it for you? How do you clean it? Cleaning sliding windows is almost the same as cleaning an ordinary window. The only difference is how you remove them and clean it. Here are the steps that can help you.

1. Prepare All the Needed Materials

Having all the materials readily accessible can save time and effort. You won’t be wasting any time getting the materials in every part of the house.

2. Remove The Windows

You can easily remove the windows by sliding it open past the lift blocks and then placing your hands on either side of the window and lifting it out of its track. You can then remove the window towards you. Do the same with the other window and place them in a safe area.

3. Proceed With The Washing

Wash them using a window cleaning solution and a non-lint cloth. Make sure to thoroughly clean the glass and remove any stains that you will find. Start from the upper left corner of your window glass and proceed downward using an S-shaped motion for wiping the window.

You then use a dry non lint cloth or those absorbable cloth used in cleaning cars to dry your window. Don’t forget to also clean the track where the window is and the area around it.

4. Place Your Windows Back

After the cleaning and drying is done, you need to put them back together. Put your windows back following a reverse order of how you removed them. You need to make sure that the sliding windows are reinstalled securely and there will be no chances of them being accidentally removed.

At first you will be having a hard time removing and placing the windows back in place. You need to learn how to work on them which later on can be easier. Cleaning these kinds of windows is not that easy especially if you are doing it alone. You need to develop certain skills to be able to perfectly finish the cleaning.