How to Fix a Bad Tint Job

How to Fix a Bad Tint Job

There are many different reasons for getting a bad tint job. Poor quality tint, bad installers, improper drying, the list can go on and on. Once you realize you have too many bubbles or the tint is peeling, it is time to take action.

If you had the job done somewhere I would take it back to the place that did the window tinting and ask them to fix it. It should have some warranty for the tint and the labor that was done. Most shops should honor this since you will bad mouth them if they do not fix it right.

If you have bubbles you can try heating the tint film up with a hair dryer and using a credit card or something flat to get the bubble out. This may or may not work. I have had some luck with this but it can also crease the stuff leaving you no hope of getting it out. If the tint is peeling you can try a soap and water solution that can be applied to help make it stick again. This is often caused by rolling the windows down too quickly after the installation.

Another thing to remember is never use harsh chemicals in cleaning you windows. This can lead to discoloring or peeling of the film. Either thing is not good at all and could void any warranty.

The step I think that is best is going to who did the job and nicely asking them to fix it.