How To Fix Common Problems With Aluminum Windows And Doors

How To Fix Common Problems With Aluminum Windows And Doors

When people talk about aluminium windows and doors for use in your home, they will often tell you that they are ‘maintenance free’ and that ‘all you have to do is install them and leave them’. This, however, is not entirely true, as some maintenance is needed to keep aluminium frames damage free. Otherwise, some of the below problems may occur.

Blocked Outlets

This can prove to be highly damaging to aluminium windows and doors over time, as it can cause condensation to build up on the surface. Whenever you are cleaning your windows and doors, you should check the outlets for dirt and other obstructions, being sure to clean them out.

Deteriorating Frame Joint Seals

This is usually due to the age of the frames or to the thermal expansion of the seals and is bad for aluminium windows and doors because it could allow moisture to get in. Some frames have removable exterior glazing beads; if yours do, remove the rubber and beads for cleaning, apply a bead sealant and then replace them.


Neglecting to clean windows and doors can lead to corrosion of the frames over time. This actually shortens the life of your aluminium windows and doors so should be avoided at all costs. You can repair pitting by cleaning, sanding and repainting your aluminium frames, being sure to carefully follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

Powder Coat Chalking

This is likely to occur to aluminium frames due to age. To help keep your powder coated finishes looking newer for longer, simply apply a vinyl restoring solution or a light oil to the surface after cleaning. This treatment can also help to reduce the effect of chalking that has already occurred.


Noticing scratches on the surface of your aluminium window and doors is not a big drama, as they will not affect the performance of your frames. If, however, you do not like the appearance of scratches on your windows and doors, simply buff the surface by applying a vinyl restorative or light oil.

Window Sashes Won’t Open

The most common reasons for this occurring are if the sash is twisted, if the friction stays are too tight, or if the building has settled and the aluminium frame has swollen. If the friction stays are too tight, it is easily fixed by loosening or replacing them. Unfortunately, if the sash has twisted you will need a professional to repair it (as you are likely to break the glass if you try). You will also need a professional repair if the issue is due to the building settling (as there is construction work involved).