Window Coverings to Suit Your Home

Window Coverings to Suit Your Home

Windows are a beautiful feature to any home and come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Window coverings are the perfect element to highlight your homes greatest architectural features and are the perfect canvass to connect and carry the design scheme of any room. There is no room in your home in which you cannot use window treatments such as blinds, curtains, shutters or shades to enhance your space and offer a practical yet stylish accompaniment to your windows.

Every room in your home serves a different purpose and requires a specific window covering to represent fashion and function. Your bedroom acts as a multipurpose area for you to dress, relax and sleep, therefore the window treatment you select must provide privacy from your neighbours, protection against early morning sunlight and a soothing and relaxing style. Blinds or shades with room darkening fabrics are a great choice, providing both privacy and darkness to your room. Cellular shades are also a fantastic alternative to traditional blinds, offering a warm and hazy window treatment to filter the sun. The innovative honeycomb construction of cellular shades makes them an energy efficient choice, as the shades trap warm or cool air. They are also attractive, offered in a wide variety of fabrics, pleat sizes, textures and colours. Both cellular shades and traditional blinds can be paired with curtains to offer a romantic and relaxing element to your bedroom.

Your bathroom is an area of your home which requires privacy first and foremost; however you will also require a window treatment that will tolerate humidity while maintaining its shape and structure. California shutters are a great option for your bathroom as the louvers can be closed completely, offering a light-tight seal, in addition to their durable and resilient plastic composition. California shutters are a timeless and versatile window treatment that can add class and style to any room.

Your kitchen has different window treatment requirements altogether in that this room requires ventilation from heat and smells, as well as a treatment that is durable and stain resistant. Wood or vinyl slatted shades are extremely versatile and easy to clean, and are adjusted by rotating from an open position to a closed position, allowing slats to overlap. Slatted shades are also notorious for their versatility in adjusting the amount of sunlight you would like to shine in, or block out.

Your living room is an area where windows are often very large and prominent, with sunlight pouring in. This room is often the focal point of your home, where your design scheme is most apparent. Once again, cellular shades are an excellent choice to filter the sun, as well as control the room’s temperature. Cellular shades offer great privacy, as well as protection for furniture and flooring from damaging UV rays. They can also be paired with curtains to create a warm and comfortable space for your family to lounge in.

Window coverings are the perfect element to highlight your homes greatest architectural features: your windows.