December 4, 2023

2 Inch Faux Wood Window Blinds – Best Choice As Discount Window Treatments

2 Inch Faux Wood Window Blinds – Best Choice As Discount Window Treatments

Just one piece of wood blinds can give your space a natural woody look and feel with simple elegance to boot. However, if you are working with a tight budget, you do have an alternative in 2 inch Faux Wood Window Blinds. These might just be the best of both worlds when choosing your discount window treatments.

As mentioned, the wood tends to give a strong sense of warmth and coziness to your room, and this could add character, personality with a new natural tone and to any room, sculpturing a special mood to it. Of course the overall theme of your room should blend well with it. In addition, unlike other types of blinds, they are not flimsy and do not allow light to seep through the slats, and hence with a simple tug on the cords, and you get varying degrees of light, sun and air as you would like it to be.

There are however, better reasons to choose its very close counterpart, the 2 inch faux wood window blinds instead. Faux wood as the thesaurus describes, mean fake wood. If you wonder what is the benefit of choosing fake wood over the real deal, think deeper. Firstly, they are very versatile, by virtue of the fact that it is made of synthetic fibers, PVC and composite wood and can withstand great amounts of heat and humidity. This make is it a more ideal candidate for your kitchen and bathrooms which has high humidity. It will last much longer than real wood which simply warps over time. PVC as we all know, is a durable plastic substance capable of imitating the various kinds of wood look and feel while composite wood are pressed wood, which require more work to produce hence costing slightly more than the PVC version.

Cost is another key reason to switch to faux wood window blinds, as despite the advantage of the natural counterparts, the former is much more affordable. Also, for those of us who love variety and a fresh new look almost every few months, using 2 inch faux wood window blinds as discount window treatments gives you the world of variety that spices up your life, perks up your moods, and changes the ambience of your space without burning holes in your pocket.