How To Add Chic With Cheap Window Blinds To Your Home

How To Add Chic With Cheap Window Blinds To Your Home

If you are so brave as to pick up a calculator and take into account each item amounts of money you will need to decorate one single room in your home, then take this and multiply by the number of rooms you have in the house, not forgetting the living, dining rooms as well as kitchen too, you might be appalled by the results. This will become a real problem to new home owners who have become very tight on decorating budget after having paid the first installments and related fees for their new home. Fret not, however, there are ways to make your home look chic and classy with quality yet cheap window blinds.

Swapping curtains for faux wood window blinds gives you great savings, easy maintenance but does not make your home look cheap. The reason for recommending faux wood window blinds abounds. Firstly, they are made of composite wood and synthetic fibers, hence have the versatility of being created in various colors and designed. As they are known as fake wood, they can also be made to resemble wood, giving you the heat-warming, classic wood look and feel without the expensive price tags that the real McCoy comes with. You can easily maintain them, simply by using a damp or dry cloth to wipe off the dust and dirt from the slats. A dust buster would also suffice for this task. If you do it on a daily basis, you might get to keep them for a very long while too.

Alternatives would be bamboo window shades as well as vinyl vertical blinds. Bamboo fibers are renowned to be very hardy in nature and hence will last you over the long-term. It gives a tropical sense to your sanctuary, are very affordable and easily maintained. On the other hand, vinyl verticals are the rising favorites for home decor due to the recent minimalist trends and their clean, no-nonsense, easy to maintain features. While the common vinyl does not come in too many colors with beige the dominant one, they will appeal to those of you who prefer clean office look at your homes.

Looking for the right ones can be a slight challenge to those of us who are not into shopping much. But you do have many channels to find quality yet cheap window blinds, like going online, checking out your friendly neighborhood departmental stores and local drapery stores. Look out for the weekend sales advertisements and stock clearances. The stock clearances will be probably provide you with better quality as stores are trying to sell off their old stock to make way for the new ones, not because they are getting rid of damaged goods.

When you buy online, you can save about 20 to 30 percent on the pricing, but you have to forgo the opportunity to check the goods before you pay, hence, the advice is to purchase from trusted and credit worthy websites like Amazon and eBay etc.

So there you have it, there are indeed ways to add chic to quality yet cheap window blinds, like replacing curtains with faux wood window blinds, opt for bamboo window shades or go for vinyl vertical blinds, if you put enough effort into the search. Enjoy the process and have fun designing your home the way you want it to be.