Options to Consider When Shopping for Cheap Plantation Shutters

Options to Consider When Shopping for Cheap Plantation Shutters

If you are thinking about installing plantation shutters but are worried about how much it may cost, there are some alternatives that you may want to consider.

First of all, think carefully about what your shutters should be made from. Traditionally wood is used to make plantation shutters. There is no question about it, wood plantation shutters look great and they are a very elegant addition to any home. However, faux or composite wood shutters are so well made these days, in most cases, that they look much like regular wood shutters yet are much cheaper to buy. They are finished with a wood grain type of finish and from a distance it is often difficult to tell that they are not made from wood. You can find them matching many different wood shades and grains, thus you should be able to find something that fits well with your existing furniture.

Another option when it comes to cheap plantation shutters is to buy vinyl shutters. Typically white, they can give a fresh, bright look to any room. They are quite a bit cheaper than other types of plantation shutters and yet they really are hard wearing. Another plus with vinyl shutters is that they are extremely easy to clean. They need regular dusting, which is simpler and faster than dusting venetian blinds with their much smaller louvers. If they need more cleaning than that you simply need to wipe them over with a damp cloth and they will look as good as new.

You should also think carefully about where you buy your shutters from, as some stores offer them at better prices than others. It really does pay to shop around, even online, and look for the best deals you can find. Of course the downside to shopping online is that you cannot actually see or touch the shutters and you have to gauge your choice on what you see via photo. Reading up on different customers reviews is often a good way to find out the pros and cons of items bought online. Also, keep your eye out for offers of free shipping as that can really cut your costs.

You may also want to check out the returns desk at local stores. Sometimes people will buy plantation shutters but then find they are the wrong size, thus they are returned to the shop they were bought from. Because they have already been sold they must be sold again at a greatly reduced price. You can often find great bargains this way.