What Is the Best Window Cleaning Solution or Chemical for Windows?

What Is the Best Window Cleaning Solution or Chemical for Windows?

If you are wondering what the best solution is for cleaning windows I will tell you first off it is not a brand off of the shelf. So if you are looking for a name brand then you are probably in the wrong spot. First off I will tell you that I mix my own solution for cleaning windows because I have found that it produces the best results. You can use off the shelf stuff but you may have problems with streaking and other dirty window problems. In addition if you use off the shelf items you will have to pay a lot more in costs for your business than if you had just mixed the cleaner yourself. You need to make sure and be careful when you are mixing chemicals because badly mixed chemicals can create fumes that can be very very harmful to your body.

There are different solutions that I use depending on what I want to do. If you are just looking to clean your windows that have dirt on them then you should mix water with grease fighting dish soap. The trick is the more dishsoap you use the easier it will be to clean the water off the window with a squeegee. The water itself will become more slippery the more soap you have in it. If you use this solution you will want to slop water all over the window so it is soaked and then squeegee it off.

If you on the other hand are trying to remove light hard water you will want to use lots of white vinegar and some good elbow grease. You can mix ammonia in water but don’t mix it with other chemicals such as bleach or you may kill yourself.

If you have really really hard water you can use muratic acid mixed with water but be very careful because if you get it on your skin it will burn you and you may have to go to the hospital. In addition if you breath in the fumes from muratic acid it becomes very dangerous to your health.

These are just a few solutions you can use when cleaning windows. You will want to make sure that you use the proper solution for the proper job in order to make sure that you do it right. There is usually always a cleaner that can be produced at home to clean your windows you just have to be careful not to mix anything that can be potentially dangerous.