Innovative Decorating Ideas With Cheap Window Blinds

Innovative Decorating Ideas With Cheap Window Blinds

You might be running out of decorating ideas with cheap window blinds for your home. After all, window blinds and shades are what they really are, and most of them seem to be look alike especially when you get them from the local discount store. Well, think again, as we have a new perspective that will help you go a long way when decorating your home with discount window blinds and the best part of it is that it does not need to look boring and ordinary at all.

The first innovative idea includes decorating with frosted paint which literally turns your normal boring looking window into a French window. Not only that you also get great artistry as well as privacy. This approach is affordable and makes for an easy three step process of create, rinse and repeat for the rest of the windows panes, such that you can make as many as you wish depending your sense of creativity. So surprise or even stun your neighbors and friends every time they visit.

Another avant garde idea is to create a decorative window for rooms which do not have windows. If this sounds a little confusing, think of it as creating window frames that look like real windows in your basement. Simply purchase window frames and affix mirrors in the center instead and you are good to go. You might also wish to have a beautiful painting of the outdoors in place of the mirror too.

Decorating your windows that curtains are a common sight. But add a splash of creativity to it as beaded screens and the twist could literally put you in the limelight of any party you throw at home. It might take you a little time to do up the beads but when completed, it will give your ambience that brings you back in time tastefully.

You can also find new and innovative ideas decorating your windows and homes with bamboo window shades. Apart from providing privacy, they are capable of creating an entirely new ambience for your sanctuary with their very uniquely tropical look and feel.

That said, your home will be uniquely you whichever concept you adopt and always trust that you can indeed create stunning creations with cheap window blinds.