How to Choose the Right Window Treatments

How to Choose the Right Window Treatments

Are you treating your windows right, by using the right window treatments? When decorating any window in your home, the number of options that you have can seem mind-boggling at first. While choosing and installing the right window treatments isn’t an exact science, here are some helpful tips that will help you to get it done:

1. Do the measurements.

Always get the exact measurements of your home’s windows, to ensure that the treatments will be a perfect fit.

2. Consider your budget.

Unfortunately, this is one of the steps that most of us have to take, in order to put a rein on our spending. It’s particularly important if we’re decorating more than the windows in our homes. Treatments for windows can vary significantly in price, based on features such as their brand, size, material, style, and so on. While you could spend slightly more than you had budgeted for window treatments, the operative word is “slightly.”

3. Determine if form or function is your priority.

When shopping for treatments for windows, ask yourself if you’re buying them mainly for aesthetic reasons, or if the main function of the treatments will be to manage the amount of light that can enter a room. How you answer the question will impact which type of treatments you choose for a window. You might ultimately decide on treatments that are particularly elegant and ornate, or ones that give you more control over how much sunlight enters a room via a window.

4. Search for ideas.

You’ve likely heard about the “power of suggestion.” One of the best ways to start your search for usable window decorating ideas is by collecting ones that have already been used. In other words, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Home decorating magazines will likely contain several styles of window treatments, which you could use in your own home. And whenever you visit someone’s house, observe the types of window treatments that they’re using in it. Maintain a folder of photos containing various treatments for windows that you fancy. Also, jot down notes about certain treatments that have caught your eye.

5. Get free samples whenever possible.

Sometimes stores provide free samples for different treatments that they carry. This will help to avoid buying certain window treatments that aren’t ideal for the windows in your home. Sometimes you can even receive these samples through online home improvement stores. Keep in mind that treatments can look much different in the store, than in your home.

6. Test a treatment’s texture whenever possible.

One of the drawbacks of buying window treatments online is that you can’t feel the texture of the product, before deciding on it. So when you shop offline, make sure to take this crucial step. The texture of treatments for windows will have a huge impact on how it complements the other d?�cor in the room.

If you want to add some pizzazz to your home’s windows, then search for the right window treatments. These tips will help to give your windows the red-carpet treatment!